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Current Events & News

City of Whitehall agree to postpone eminent domain actions while negotiations continue

Date: June 26, 2017
Source: This Week Community News
Summary: Attorney Matthew Strayer comments on the City of Whitehall’s eminent domain authority against a well-known local shopping plaza.

The company behind the Dakota Access pipeline has another big problem in Ohio

Date: June 22, 2017
Source Bloomberg
Summary: Construction of the $4.2 billion Rover natural gas line has caused seven industrial spills, polluted fragile Ohio wetlands and angered local farmers.

Avon woman awarded $236K for pipeline easement

Date: January 28, 2017
Source: The Chronicle Telegram
Summary: A Lorain County jury issued a verdict awarding Avon resident, Mary Miller, nearly 19 times what NRG Ohio Pipeline Company LLC argued as fair compensation.

Goldman & Braunstein Name Matthew Strayer Partner

Date: January 6, 2017
Summary: Goldman & Braunstein is pleased to announce the addition of Matthew Strayer as a new partner.

Battle for Utopia – Mike Braunstein speaks out in Wheeling Intelligencer

Date: September, 2016
Source: Wheeling Intelligencer
Summary: Mike Braunstein speaks out against Utopia pipeline’s Kinder Morgan and their low-ball offers to landowners on their path. “They are trying to intimidate people, and intimidate their attorneys,” Braunstein continued. “Many lawyers are afraid of litigation. We’re not.” Goldman & Braunstein represent over 100 landowners against the Houston based company.

Ohio EPA to hold info meetings for public comment on compressor stations along Rover Pipeline

Date: May, 2016
Regarding the plan to build compressor stations in seven Ohio counties for the Rover Pipeline (Wayne, Carroll, Crawford, Defiance, Harrison, Monroe and Noble), the Ohio EPA will hold five meetings for citizens to testify about the process and their concerns.

Goldman & Braunstein Public Comment Filing with FERC in Response to Rover Pipeline Impact Statement

Date: April, 2016
Summary: In response to the FERC Draft Environmental Impact Statement issued for the Rover Pipeline, we have filed a public comment. It is our position that FERC does not fully understand the adverse impacts the Rover project will have on Ohio landowners. Therefore, we filed our response in order to present evidence on behalf of the landowners and to alert FERC to these impacts.

Braunstein and landowners speak out about the Rover pipeline’s environmental impact

Date: April 6, 2016
Summary: Officials from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, visiting the Crawford County village of New Washington for the second time in little over a year Wednesday evening, heard from farmers, trade unionists and a couple of attorneys during a hearing concerning the twin Rover natural gas pipelines that are proposed to go into the ground across the area.

Goldman & Braunstein meet with Medina property owners about NEXUS Pipeline

Date: February, 2016
Source: Medina County Gazette
Summary: Goldman & Braunstein advised Medina landowners about the Nexus pipeline. Braunstein said landowners should proceed knowing they face decisions in three areas; financial compensation from the pipeline, a contract governing how the line will be built on their land, and follow-up action as land is restored after the construction.

Schedule Gets Tighter for Pipeline

Date: November, 2015
Source: Bucyrus Telegraph Forum & Mansfield News Journal
Summary: As Rover gets closer to go time, mounting concern for landowners is expressed by Goldman & Braunstein and other attorneys. See why Mike Braunstein believes Rover is using landowners as creditors to fund their project.

Goldman & Braunstein meet with property owners affected by the Nexus pipeline in Bowling Green 

Date: July, 2015
Source: Toledo News Now and FOX Toledo
Summary: Goldman & Braunstein meet with concerned landowners in Bowling Green to ensure they know their rights.

Property owners express concern over pipeline projects

Date: May, 2015
Source: WNWO-TV NBC 24 Toledo
Summary: Goldman and Braunstein have filed a motion to intervene with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in an attempt to slow the process of the Rover Pipeline and meet with landowners in Bowling Green to talk about the Rover, Nexus and Utopia pipelines.

Pipeline Opponents State Their Case

Date: April, 2015
Source: The Bucyrus Telegraph Forum
Summary: A local landowner tells how their property is scheduled to be destroyed by the Rover Pipeline. Eminent domain attorneys Goldman & Braunstein are working to help these landowners avoid costly lawsuits and to protect their land.

Pending Natural Gas Pipeline A Concern For Local Landowners

Date: January, 2015
Source: The Richland Source
Summary: Eminent domain attorneys Goldman & Braunstein spoke to a full house in Shelby about the Rover Pipeline that is set to cross through Richland and Crawford counties. This large-scale project is “unprecedented” for Ohio, said Braunstein.

Landowners Briefed on Pipeline’s Progress

Date: January, 2015
Source: The Mansfield Journal
Summary: Goldman & Braunstein met with more than 50 area landowners in Shelby to discuss the Rover Pipeline set to cross through Richland and Crawford counties. They cautioned landowners to be educated when they make this one-time decision because it could affect their grandchildren.

Ohio Farmer Magazine

Date: December, 2014
Summary: Seneca and Ashland county farmers and the Ohio Farm Bureau’s Dale Arnold share their experiences with the pipeline companies and stress the importance of good representation and working with other landowners to assure land restoration and economic advantage.

Good Mornings – Radio Interview

Date: December, 2014
Source: WFIN
Summary: Bill Goldman’s radio interview informed landowners in the Deshler area about the Rover Pipeline coming through Ohio into Michigan, giving them information about the concerned landowner meeting held later that evening in Deshler.

Pushing Pipelines

Date: November, 2014
Source: Sentinel-Tribune
Summary: Eminent domain attorneys, Goldman & Braunstein, meet with concerned Wood county residents affected by the ET Rover and Oregon Lateral Pipelines, cautioning them about rushing into signing agreements with the pipeline companies too soon.

Property owners concerned about proposed pipeline

Date: November, 2014
Source: NBC-24
Summary: Eminent domain attorneys, Goldman & Braunstein, held a meeting in Wood county to educate effected landowners of their rights in regards to the ET Rover and Oregon Lateral Pipelines.

Landowners Can’t Fight Pipeline

Date: October, 2014
Source: Mansfield News Journal
Summary: Goldman & Braunstein meet with a room full of concerned Richland & Crawford county residents about the Rover pipeline and inform them that although they cannot stop the pipeline, it’s imperative to get representation to protect their properties.

Attorneys Advise Easement Wording Is Crucial To Property Value

Date: October, 2014
Source: Richland Source
Summary: Richland County landowners affected by the Rover Pipeline gathered to learn about their rights. Attorneys Goldman & Braunstein advised them on the importance of representation stressing that the wording of the easement is is crucial to their property value.

Attorneys Advise Concerned Landowners of Rights Regarding Rover Pipeline

Date: September, 2014
Source: Fostoria Focus
Summary: Attorneys William Goldman & Michael Braunstein met with concerned landowners in Bloomdale, Ohio to discuss the ET Rover Pipeline. Goldman & Braunstein advised the group about their rights, how to protect their properties and why it’s important to have legal representation when dealing with the pipelines.

Attorneys Critical to Negotiate New Agreement for Old Easement

Date: August, 2014
Source: Columbus Dispatch
Summary: Claribel Yoder, 80, stopped FirstEnergy from running power lines through a quarry on her land. With the help of Goldman & Braunstein, the energy company that wanted her to vacate her property and pay them $600,000 in fines must now go around the quarry and pay her $400,000 for access.

Landowners Warned About Pipeline

Date: August, 2014
Source: Bucyrus Telegraph Forum
Summary: More than 50 landowners from across Crawford and Richland counties were informed Tuesday evening that there’s not much they can do about a natural gas pipeline that’s planned for their area, possibly their very property.

Local Landowners Get Lowdown on Rover Pipeline

Date: August, 2014
Source: CrawfordCountyNow.com
Summary: Goldman & Braunstein inform Crawford County residents about the Rover Pipeline and their landowner rights.

WTAP-TV Coverage

Date:  April, 2014
Source:  WTAP-TV
Summary:  Goldman & Braunstein meet with landowners affected by the recently announced OPEN pipeline.

Eminent Domain Attorneys Settle More Than 100 Cases for Landowners

Date: March, 2014
Summary: Eminent domain attorneys William Goldman and Michael Braunstein negotiate favorable settlements for more than 100 landowners affected by the Sunoco pipeline.

A Landowner’s View

Date:  January, 2014
Source:  Ohio Gas & Oil
Summary:  3 landowners share their personal experiences with eminent domain.  Goldman & Braunstein negotiated  settlements for each of the property owners.  In each case,  the terms and compensation far exceeded what the pipeline company initially offered.

WFIN Radio Interview

Date:  October, 2013
Source:  WFIN Radio
Summary:  Eminent domain attorney Michael Braunstein is interviewed in regards to how potential pipelines raise eminent domain questions for area residents.

WAKR Radio Interview

Date:  October, 2013
Source:  WAKR Radio
Summary:  Eminent domain attorney William Goldman is interviewed regarding what landowners need to know if a pipeline in in their path.

“What Is Eminent Domain?”

Date:  October, 2013
Source:  Ohio Gas and Oil, page 68 & 69
Summary:  Eminent domain attorneys William Goldman And Michael Braunstein explore eminent domain and answer questions that often arise when a landowner is faced with eminent domain proceedings.

“Natural Gas Pipeline Causes Cornfield To Explode in Western Illinois”

Date:  August, 2013
Source:  ThinkProgress
Summary:  A natural gas pipeline carrying gas byproducts ethane and propane explodes in the western Illinois town of Erie.

Maximizing Property Protection: Property owners protecting their land from pipeline

Date: July 14, 2013
Source: The Daily Record: Wooster, OH
Summary: Attorney’s William Goldman and Michael Braunstein met with locals in Wooster, Ohio, discussing how they can protect their property from unfair pipeline easements.

Shale Initiatives: High-Energy Expansion

Date: July, 2013
Source: Columbus CEO
Summary: Attorney Michael Braunstein talks about the recent pipeline “boom” in Ohio and how its effected his firm.

Pipelines are beginning to line Ohio’s landscape

Date: June 19, 2013
Source: Farm and Dairy
Summary: Pipelines are a booming business all around Ohio, but landowners must be cautious and aware when approached with pipeline easements.