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Protecting Ohio Landowners

Goldman & Braunstein represent Ohio landowners facing eminent domain, oil & gas and other mineral rights, real estate transactions, and other property and real estate related issues. We have helped hundreds of landowners whose properties were in the path of highways, pipelines, power lines and other eminent domain projects, as well as oil & gas, wind turbines and other property rights leases. Our mission is to obtain successful results for our clients. We have the track record to prove we can get the results you deserve.


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G&B Wins Verdict of $236,500 for 0.31-acre Easement

Jury awards $236,500 to G&B client Mary Miller for 0.31-acre pipeline easement.
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Buckeye XPress Pipeline

The Columbia Buckeye XPress pipeline will take private property in 4 Ohio counties.

G&B Comment to FERC on ET Rover Water Disposal

Goldman & Braunstein’s May 11, 2017 comment to FERC regarding Rover’s improper water disposal.
Water Disposal Comment to FERC


    • Oil & Gas Leasing
    • Mineral Rights Recovery
    • Wind Power Leasing
    • Eminent Domain Projects:
      • Current Pipeline Projects:
        • Columbia “Buckeye XPress”
        • Spectra “NEXUS”
        • E.T. “Rover”
        • Kinder Morgan “Utopia”
        • Columbia “Leach XPress”
        • Shell “Falcon”
      • Current Road Projects:
        • I-70/71 Columbus
        • I-75 Cincinnati
        • Western Hills Viaduct
        • S.R. 823 Portsmouth
        • Home Road widening
        • Sawmill Parkway extension
        • Powell Road Widening
        • Norton-Johnson Roads Roundabout


“They were not only extremely knowledgeable, but they are passionate about the work they do. Our situation could have been overwhelming, but Goldman & Braunstein’s care and compassion made the situation much easier. ”

“When it comes to dealing with these matters, your experience makes all the difference. It paid big dividends. I don’t know of any other landowners that received the kind of compensation you obtained.”

“The Ohio Department of Transportation offered us $597,000. The jury awarded us $1.6 million.”

“Goldman & Braunstein had their ducks in a row. If you get a situation like this, you need attorney who know what they’re doing and have specialized in this kind of case.”