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We level the playing field for you. Just ask our clients.

“When it comes to these matters your experience makes all the difference. It paid big dividends, I don’t know of any other land owners that received the kind of compensation you obtained for us.”

“Our attorneys had their ducks in a row. If you get in a situation like this, you need attorneys who know what they are doing and have specialized in this kind of case.”

“The Ohio Department of Transportation offered us $597,000…and the jury awarded us $1.67 million.”

“Goldman & Braunstein … were, from the outset, concerned about our well-being.”

“We appreciate the effort and expertise of you and Bill during this eminent domain process and are very happy  with the outcome. Thank you.”

Current Projects

Here are a few of the projects in which we are representing property owners. Contact us if you are involved in any of these projects or have had inquiries about your land for projects not listed.

    • Cobra Pipeline
    • Dominion Pipeline
    • NRG Pipeline
    • Nexus Pipeline
    • Oregon Lateral Pipeline
    • Utopia East Pipeline
    • Spectra OPEN Pipeline
    • Rover Pipeline
    • Hamilton Road Widening, Gahanna
    • North Ridgeway Road Widening
    • Portsmouth Bypass, Scioto County
    • Sawmill Parkway Extension

      Recently Completed Projects

    • Bluegrass Pipeline
    • Enterprise Pipeline
    • Sunoco Logistic Pipeline, Seneca County
    • AEP Trent Vassell
    • Rolling Hills Electrical Generating Plant and Water Lines
    • Springfield, London, Tangy High-Tension Line
    • Chesapeake Bypass
    • Lima I-75 Allen County Interchange
 No Obligation Consultation

To schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your condemnation case, please contact us at our offices in Columbus at 888-231-2554 or by e-mail.

**Breaking News: FERC Releases Rover Pipeline Final Environmental Impact Statement. Read Here.

**FERC Releases Report Assessing Environmental Impact of the Rover Pipeline

**Eminent Domain Attorneys File Motion to Protect Ohio Landowners Likely Affected By NEXUS Pipeline

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Goldman & Braunstein Bios

When the government or a private entity tries to take your property for a public purpose, you deserve more than fair treatment. You have a constitutional right to receive just compensation. Too often, the process of eminent domain can be confusing. You might not know where to turn. You might be highly emotional and feel intimidated. Most importantly, you want to know how to protect your interests. Look no further than Goldman & Braunstein. We represent property owners throughout Ohio who are looking for advice, guidance and a legal expert who will ensure fair and equitable treatment.


The attempt to take your property could come from public or private entities. In order to initiate an eminent domain action against a property owner, the condemning authority must demonstrate that your land is needed for the public good, such as highways, airports, hospitals and other public purposes. Here are examples of entities that can try to take your land:

    • Agencies of the federal government and the state of Ohio
    • Counties, cities, towns, townships and other municipalities
    • Gas companies, electric companies and other public utilities
    • Railroad authorities, airport authorities and port authorities
    • All other public authorities, from sports authorities to zoo boards


Typically, representatives of the private company or government will pay you a visit, let you know of their interest in your property and ask for access to your land to conduct an appraisal. At some point after the appraisal, you will receive an offer.


Once you are informed your property is needed, you should take these steps:

    • Don’t be Intimidated.  Condemning authorities may try to intimidate you by telling you that the project is urgent, or that you are getting a one-time offer and will lose everything if you don’t accept or that you will be sued if you don’t accept. The eminent domain law gives you important protections and rights. You might not need an attorney, but you can consult with Goldman & Braunstein without obligation to find out about these important rights and protections.
    • Do not sign anything. You are not required to sign an agreement, despite feeling pressure to do so. Their deadlines are not your deadline. You have a right to review the agreement.
    • Contact Goldman & Braunstein. The earlier you contact us, the better we can improve your position. As soon as you find out your land is needed, call us. We can help.