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Columbus, OH 43215
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Our Goals Are Focused On You

    • Obtain successful outcomes for our clients:
      • Negotiate favorable compensation and terms
      • Secure favorable jury awards
      • Protect current and future property rights, land use and land value
      • Protect the safety of our clients’ families and personal and real property

The Most Experienced Team To Get Results

Our lawyers have extensive backgrounds in real estate, eminent domain, development, zoning and construction. Our experience and expertise enables us to maximize our clients’ compensation while protecting their property. We represent our client’s interests during the entire negotiation process, from start to finish, no matter how long it takes to secure a fair settlement.

Leveling the Playing Field for Ohio Landowners

We are exclusively dedicated to representing landowners. We never represent condemning authorities. In addition, we will help alleviate your stress during the process by:

    • Negotiating or litigating to achieve favorable outcomes for our clients:
      • Negotiating compensation with the condemning authority, government, or company on our client’s behalf
      • Negotiating the terms of easements, leases, or sales agreements for our client’s benefit
      • Assembling a team of land-use experts to build the case and testify at trial if necessary
      • Providing effective trial advocacy to obtain a favorable verdict for our client